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Total Flooring was founded on the principle of great customer service and quality flooring. It is our mission to become the premiere flooring retailer in Northern Va, Washington DC, and Maryland.

We make it a priority to know our customers, colleagues, and communities very well. We have repaired small sections of damaged floors and built out top level penthouses at Turnberry Tower Arlington. Every client was treated the same and every job was as important as the next.

"Quality" is a term used very loosely these days, but what really defines good quality? Is it Empire's suggestion that you're getting free flooring? Every time I turn on my TV, I see that little guy, and hear that jingle. Ask yourself, who is paying for all of these TV ads, and will I REALLY be receiving a free floor. I equate it to a Las Vegas casino, but what you get with Empire, doesn't stay at Empire. It seems that every poor "Quality" dealer today has some sort of new gimmick that their trying to feed potential customers. This is your home, your families finances, and your hard work that's paying for your long awaited upgrade. Do you really want to hear gimmicks, jingles, and be hard sold by a corporation that has you as a number? I assume that they need gimmicks in order to perform their "Hit and Run" techniques. When was the last time someone referred you to Empire or Lumber Liquidators?

It's not my motto to judge competition, but I don't consider either company competitors. There are plenty of great local flooring companies that we have relationships with and our advertising doesn't include the word "Free". Get 2 estimates and look at the total, if 60% is "Free", why is our total cost lower apples to apples, and in LL's case...almost always a better product.

Quality, is outstanding service, great products, and the value put upon a clients hard earned budget. Understanding that their is a trust put upon your companies integrity and that you will fulfill your obligation to every customer. When I shop online myself and see cartoon characters and a mess of discounts/ promises, I usually click on the next site.

Total Flooring operates on a 70% referral based market. Our pricing is fair and you won't be paying for your flooring twice. When you need assistance, you won't be put on hold, or have to speak with 5 different people to find the answer. It may sound strange, but that's the way we like it. Your referral is our best compliment and we hope that our next referral is from you.

Thank you for reading!

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Chad Durbin, LEED GA
Total Flooring, LLC

Location:Arlington, Va

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