Flooring clients in Fairfax Va

    I am compelled to write this blog post due to a misunderstanding this weekend.

I pride myself on great customer service. In fact, every contact form that I receive, I try to respond within 5 minutes. You can't put a  price on great service. I've worked for companies where you  have to go through 5 people, to get the answer that you're looking for, then wait 5 days for action.

This was a big factor in starting Total Flooring. My company's alertness/ response time/ and overall performance, isn't up to anyone but myself, and the people I choose to represent us. Believe me that I have gone grey, working for companies that pass the buck, until someone steps up to the plate. That person was almost always myself or a very select few. It was sort of a "Band of brothers" that took the responsibility off of the people hired to perform. We did it, not for recognition, but for personal respect in our work, ourselves, our clients, and our field.

This weekend I had a sold job. All that was asked of me was to show up, pick up a check, and finalize an agreement. Sounds like a great day, right! Well, I assumed that the customer wasn't on a time schedule because they work from home. I had given them a time that I would show up, but thought that it was a "loose" timeframe. I thought wrong. I was called up and almost lost the job because I interpreted the phone conversation differently than the client.

I learned a few truly valuable lessons today. NEVER assume that what you're thinking is what your client is as well. Make sure that everything is clear and agreed upon, and if unclear as to what is expected, contact them immediately.

I run a flooring business and look after a beautiful 2 year old son. As busy and tired as I can get, it's never too much not to follow up, and make sure that everyone is on the exact same page. I saved the job, plan to do a fantastic installation for my client, but a brief misunderstanding could have lead to a damaged reputation. Reputation folks, can be a companies best ally and worst nightmare. Most companies hover around the middle in this category, not TF, we aim to be the premiere flooring company in Northern Va. We want every single client to be 100% satisfied with our workmanship, quality, and service. It is why I started Total Flooring and I plan to go to all lengths, in order to preserve our reputation, with every client/ colleague.

Quality is what you get dealing with TF. I was personally upset and let down with myself today. I know not to assume anything ever. There were 2 opinions today....1 was right. The one that is always right, my clients. I am positive that I will receive a glowing review after making their home another masterpiece! I just had to get past today and hopefully help the next guy in great customer service.

Thanks and have a super week!

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